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The Old Palace Resort

Type of Tours

- Tuk Tuk Tour 2hrs. Day/Night
Tour Ayutthaya’s historical temple ruins.

- Private Boat Tour
Boat Tour along the rivers that surround Ayutthaya island.

Visit any/all of the temples along the way:

- Wat Chaiwatthanaram
- Wat Phana Choeng
- Wat Phutthai Sawan

Outside Ayutthaya Tour

- Elephant Riding Tours
A.Fun ride around the camp. B.Riding your own elephant, visit to temples.

- Bang Pa-In Tour
Spend a half day at the Famous Bang Pa-In Palace.

The Tours you are invited to

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Buddha Statue

Travelling around Ayutthaya and from Ayutthaya to nearby attractions

Song taew and shared tuk-tuk will go anywhere for 10 to 30 bahts/person depending on the distance/destination. A tuk-tuk from the train station going to any point in the old Ayutthaya zone is approximately 30 bahts. Note that the trip on the island (old Ayutthaya city) itself costs 20 bahts/trip maximum.

spacerAyutthaya Tours

Ayutthaya is a small, provincial town that is easily navigated within a day, but is more thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated when it’s explored over multiple days.

Touring Ayutthaya’s historical temple ruins and palaces can be done in a variety of ways, each providing its own benefits and appeal. The most popular way to see the sights around town is by tuk-tuk (Thailand’s famous 3-wheel transporter). Boat tours are also available along the rivers that surround Ayutthaya, providing a relaxing trip and easy viewing of some of Ayutthaya’s less-accessible temples.

A more economical and leisurely way to get around town is to rent a bicycle for the day, and take things in at your own pace and under your own power. Walking is also an option, though it is not recommended during the hot or rainy seasons.

We offer a variety of tour packages, either in the day or night time, or we will be happy to arrange can a custom tour is specially-tailored for your own preferences and schedule.
Ayutthaya Tour
Boat Trip
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OTOP Product
Bangsai sai arts & crafts center

The annual fair shows products of H.M. the Queen’s SUPPORT programme. Visitors will enjoy shopping, and viewing exhibitions and demonstrations of local products from each district of Ayutthaya. Please contact us for a special tour around Ayutthaya.
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- Chinese New Year February-March
- Songkran Festival 13-15 April
- Boat Racing October until November
- Loy Krathong 13-17 November
- Ayutthaya World's Heritage December