The Old Palace Resort Accommodations Ayutthaya Thailand

The Old Palace Resort

Coffeeshop Menu

We offer various Thai dishes and fresh coffee from our coffeeshop.

Restaurant Specials

  • Thai green curry
  • Tom yam kung
  • Fried rice with shrimps
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Fried noodles
  • Chicken with cashew nuts
  • Beef with sweet basil
  • Grilled king prawns
  • Mix Thai herbal salad

Coffeeshop Specials

  • Ice latte
  • Hot or cold cappuccino
  • Traditional Thai coffee
  • Blended ice coffee
  • Fresh arabica
  • Creamy mocha
  • Blue mountain spacials
  • Traditional Thai tea
  • Ice lemon tea

Indulge in good food at our Coffeeshop and Restaurant

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Restaurant Coffeeshop Ayutthaya

Welcome to The Old Palace Resort Coffeeshop

As the sun is shining here, we're busy making only the freshest, most delicious coffees Ayutthaya has to offer. We're currently offering specials like Jamaican Blue Mountain, all Decaf Coffees and Sulawesi Peaberry as well as our popular Thai Coffee Club. We always welcome your comments and look forward to serving you with the freshest gourmet coffee available at great prices.

spacerThe Restaurant

Our restaurant provides beverages, breakfast and meals in our tropical garden. Our Thai cuisine is considered among the Ayutthaya's most delicious, with a unique blend of particular tastes: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime). Please let us be your Thai Cuisine companion.

Enjoy your stay at the old palace resort in Ayutthaya.

At The Old Palace Resort CoffeeShop

Whether you choose from our rich, pure coffees, one of our exotic blends or flavourful espresso coffees, you'll enjoy the delightfully smooth flavor that comes only from a freshly roasted coffee bean.

We are convinced that everyone who tries our coffee will enjoy it and come back for more.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Bean Coffee Shop. Sit back, have an espresso and if you need us our service representatives are always available to assist.

Thai Cuisine
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Fresh Coffee Beans
Ayutthaya's Best Coffee in Town
Enjoy our fresh cup of coffee in the morning glory of Ayutthaya the famous ancient city of Thailand. At our resort we serve only the special coffee with traditional home made recipes. If you visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya, visit The Old Palace Resort coffeeshop to enjoy our great coffee specials.
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Our Specials
- Ice latte with whip cream
- Hot or cold cappuccino
- Traditional Thai coffee
- Blended ice coffee
- Arabica, blue mountain specials